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Validation of liquid flow standards under dynamic conditions - Results of the EURAMET project No. 1506


Within the framework of the EMPIR project 17IND13 "Metrology for real-world domestic water metering" (Metrowamet), several test rigs were developed with which dynamic flow profiles can be realized that correspond to consumption profiles occurring in reality.

For validation purposes, an intercomparison was carried out in the scope of a EURAMET pilot study (EURAMET project no. 1506) in order to characterize the test rigs based on different technologies using different dynamic flow profiles. Between September 2020 and February 2021, a transfer setup specially developed for the intercomparison was measured at the eight participating laboratories. The measurement deviation was determined for three profiles representative of drinking water consumption in Europe. PTB participated in the intercomparison with its Experimental and Water Meter test rig, in which a cavitation nozzle apparatus was integrated.

At all test rigs, the mass flow, temperature and pressure data were recorded with a resolution of 20 Hz using the transfer setup. In addition to determining the degree of equivalence, four more key figures were derived to characterize the test rig properties:

  • Repeatability of the profile measurements
  • Mean value of the residuals (difference between profile realization and given profile)
  • Deviation between measured total mass and total mass resulting from the given profile
  • Duration of the flow change for an increasing and a decreasing change.

These key figures comprehensively describe the quality with which the dynamic flow profiles were generated and measured on the test rigs and can be used for evaluations in future intercomparisons of this kind.

The overall positive performance of the laboratories involved in the pilot study as well as the quality criteria developed are important steps to further develop the test rig technologies for other areas of application, e.g. where faster flow changes occur compared to drinking water consumption, and to offer dynamic calibrations in the flow measurement of liquids in the future, including proof of quality through a corresponding CMC entry. The capabilities developed in the project can find direct application in the evaluation of the measurement behavior of water meters for realistic flow changes..





[1] Warnecke, H., Kroner, C., Ogheard, F., Kondrup, J.B., Benkova, M., Büker, O., Haack, S., Huovinen, M., Ünsal, B. Validation of standards for liquid flow rate under dynamic flows - Results of the EURAMET project No. 1506. Metrologia, eingereicht (Juli 2021)

[2] Internetseite des Projekts Metrowamet Opens external link in new windowLink



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