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Fundamentals of Metrology

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Metrology for Economy

Metrology for Society

Within the scope of the energy transition, large-scale nuclear and fossil-operated power stations, which used to be located at a large distance to existing residential areas, are increasingly being replaced by energy converters. These are smaller, are operated in a decentralized way and are located close to residential areas. Operating such facilities often causes noise emission in the infrasonic...

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In standardization, requirements for products, services and processes, but also socially important reference values such as upper limits and guideline values are developed and defined. Since acoustic issues are always very close to practical requirements, standardization plays an essential role, and the “Sound” department is highly involved in many standardization committees. An international...

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The Rudolf-Martin-Ehrenurkunde is awarded annually by the DIN/VDI Standards Committee Acoustics, Noise Control and Vibration Engineering (NALS) for special achievements in standardisation. It is dedicated to the former Head of the Mechanics and Acoustics Division at PTB and Founding Chair of NALS Prof. Rudolf Martin. This year it returns to PTB in a way when it was awarded to Dr. Thomas Fedtke,...

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International Affairs

At the end of August 2022, the online workshop "Round & Established 2022" of the participants of the "Si-Trust" took place. The workshop included 14 groups and 14 time zones and therefore met for 4 hours each on two days. The contributions from 11 of the participating institutes described the experience in handling Si-spheres provided to them by PTB after the "Round & Ready" workshop (2016). Due...

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