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Fundamentals of Metrology

On 16 November 2018, the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) approved a revision of the International System of Units (SI). Since the new SI was introduced on 20 May 2019, all SI units have been based on the fixed numerical values of seven constants of nature. In this new system of units, the kilogram is derived from a fixed numerical value of Planck’s constant.

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Metrology for Economy

Like everywhere else, time does not stand still for water meters. The requirements change, be it due to technological progress or changes in drinking water consumption. The question is whether measurement accuracy is still given under the changed conditions. Metrological infrastructure and procedures to address this question were discussed at a workshop organized by the EMPIR-project MetroWaMet.

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The construction of a novel setup for hydrophone calibration was finalized by conducting extensive comparisons with further test sites at PTB. After publishing the results of these comparisons and conducting an internal audit, hydrophone calibration services up to 100 MHz can now be offered. Additionally, the results of primary calibrations are available to customers for the first time.

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Metrology for Society

The intense discussions on noise disturbance, particularly in the vicinity of wind turbines, raise the public awareness to infrasound (sound with frequencies < 20 Hz). Of major importance, thereby, is the knowledge about infrasound perception under realistic conditions, e.g. with binaural hearing. The monaural and binaural loudness perception of infrasound was investigated in a study with...

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International Affairs

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