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Scientific news 2020

Fundamentals of Metrology

An interactive software package which includes a tutorial and example measurement data has been developed to demonstrate how the deconvolution method can be used to subsequently correct measured ultrasonic signals. This program can also be applied to evaluate one's own measurement data [1]. The intention is to make the technique of signal deconvolution accessible to a broader group of users as a...

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Metrology for Economy

PTB has developed a new primary standard for the calibration of gas meters using high-pressure natural gas. In future, the so-called high-pressure comparator will form the top of the traceability chain of the new closed-loop pigsar and, as an integral part of the national traceability chain, will contribute to the reduction of the measurement uncertainty values at the level of dissemination of the...

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Metrology for Society

The growing number of infrasound sources (infrasound: frequencies below 20 Hz) in our environment is calling society's attention to infrasound exposure. Together with the Department of Experimental Audiology at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, PTB has participated in the project titled "Infrasound and its relevance for audible sound". The project is funded by the Deutsche...

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International Affairs

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