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Mass - Realization of the Unit

Department 1.8


The tasks of the "Mass - Dissemination of the Unit" Department comprise:

  • Maintenance of the national prototype of the kilogram No. 52 as well as realization and dissemination of the SI base unit "kilogram" in the range from 1 mg to 5 000 kg (Units and Time Act)
  • Maintenance of the national standards for the density and dissemination of the density unit
  • Maintenance of the EEC 20 l standard grain prober and realization and dissemination of the EEC bulk density of grain (Verification Act, Verification Ordinance)
  • Collaboration in national and international committees (Plenary Assembly for Verification Matters, DKD, EURAMET TC-M, , COOMET, Metre Convention-CCM, OIML)
  • Research and development in mass and density metrology
  • Support of the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS)
  • Research, development and international cooperation for the project to a new determination of the Avogadro constant (EURAMET TC-M, Metre Convention-CCM)

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