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Applied Acoustics

Working Group 1.72


  • Research and development on metrology in applied acoustics
  • New and further development of methods for the measurement of acoustic indicators such as sound power, sound absorption and sound reduction index
  • Experimental, numerical and analytical investigations on the uncertainty of acoustic quantities
  • Realisation and dissemination of the unit for the quantity airborne sound power
  • Quality control in applied acoustics, among other things by organisation and participation in interlaboratory tests
  • Protection of public and PTB interest in (standardisation) committees

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  • Calibration of reference sound sources
  • Testing of standard tapping machines
  • Testing of loudspeakers for measurements in building acoustics
  • Sound absorption measurements
  • Flow resistivity measurements
  • Specific measurements (Qualification of anechoic rooms, reverberation rooms and building acoustics test facilities)

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Specific test facilities

  • Hemi-anechoic room
  • Non-rectangular reverberation room
  • Rectangular reverberation room
  • Window testing facility
  • Wall testing facility
  • Floor testing facility with standard concrete floor
  • Floor testing facility with standard timber floor
  • Test facility for lightweight constructions

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