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Scientific-technological cooperation

Working Group 1.71

Based on the Units Act and in accordance with the PTB's tasks incumbent on it within the national, European and international framework, working group 1.31 has been decisively involved in special cooperation projects aimed at establishing the metrological basis for ensuring traceability of acceleration and angular acceleration measurements (vibration and shock measurements) to the SI units. Cooperation with the BIPM and within the CIPM Consultative Committee CCAUV (Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration/Acceleration), the initiative for the foundation of  TC22 of IMEKO and work on international standardization in the framework of ISO-TC 108 are examples of international scale. Within the European framework, Working group 1.71 at present participates in five different EUROMET projects.
In addition the working group runs several scientific and technological cooperations with different German manufacturers of transducers and calibration systems. The aim of such cooperations is the technology transfer from metrological research into industrial application.