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Calibration Request / Order

Working Group 1.71

You intend to order PTB to calibrate an accelerometer, an acceleration measuring chain or a measuring amplifier.

If so, you will find a calibration request form on this page. The form is implemented as a PDF-file which you can easily fill in with Opens external link in new windowAdobe Reader. After that you are supposed to print the form. This form is used for both, requesting a quote and order a calibration.

Unfortunately it is not possible to save a copy of the filled in form from Adobe Reader. In order to be still in the position to send it by e-mail, you might print it to file via a PDF- or Postscript printer driver (eg. FreePDF).

In order to open the form, please click on its picture below. 

The completed form is to be send as a printed file by e-mail to acceleration(at)ptb.de or as a fax to 0531-592-691227.