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Acoustics and Dynamics

Department 1.7


The following tasks are processed at the Acoustics and Dynamics Department

  • Realization and dissemination of the unit acceleration
  • Calibration of transducers, measuring chains and measuring instruments
  • Research and development on standard methods of measurement and standard measuring devices
  • Comparision measurements (national and international)
  • Development and investigation of acceleration exciters and of precise methods for the measurement
  • Co-operation within the framework of the Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (DAkkS) and in national and international standardization bodies
  • Selected fundamental metrological investigations (Scientifico-technical co-operation; national and international)

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  • Basic investigations into sound power measurements
  • Development of acoustic measurement procedures and test facilities
  • Survey and calibration of acoustic measurement equipment and test facilities
  • Quality assurance in applied acoustics
  • Introduction of modern mathematical methods in applied acoustics

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  • Development of methods and devices for the traceable calibration of force transducers with impulse-shaped loads forces
  • Fundamental research in the field of simultanous multi-component calibration of accelerometers
  • Co-operation within the framework of the Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (DAkkS)

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