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Working Group 1.62

Testing and calibration facilities for customer orders

It is possible to carry out measurements as are required for sound field description in accordance with - IEC 61157 and IEC 62359 (diagnostic devices) and - IEC 61689 (therapy equipment).

Acoustic measurements in accordance with - IEC 60601-2-37 and - FDA 510(k) can also be performed.


In detail, our current measuring capabilities for customer orders comprise:

  • Ultrasound power measurements (radiation force balance), 1 MHz - 21 MHz
  • Calibration of ultrasound wattmeters
  • Calibration of hydrophones, 0.5 MHz - 50 MHz
  • Sound pressure measurements (hydrophone field measurements),
    1 MHz - 15 MHz
  • Measurement of derived local intensity (hydrophone field measurements),
    1 MHz - 15 MHz
  • Determination of ultrasound beam dimensions (hydrophone field measurements),
    1 MHz - 15 MHz
  • Calculation of additional sound field parameters
  • Power measurements of high intensity therapeutic ultrasound fields (HITU), up to 500 W, 0,75 MHz - 5 MHz

The costs for all orders will be charged in accordance with the Official Regulations Governing Charges for Services Rendered by PTB and according to the amount of work actually arising.


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