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Traceability of Liquid Flow Measurement

Working Group 1.53


The working group "Dissemination of Liquid Flow Measurements" is responsible for the dissemination of the unit flow rate of flowing liquids. To this end, the working group operates a number of test rigs for water and white spirit which are traced back to the national standard. Furthermore, research is carried out regarding the dissemination of the unit.

Members of the working group are active in a range of national and international bodies and working groups(WELMEC WG13, EURAMET TC-F, OIML TC8/SC5, ISO /TC30/SC 7, AGME-AA Wasserzähler, DIN/DVGW NA 119-07-08 AA + W-PK-3-3-1 Wassermessung).

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Main fields of work of the working group are:

  • Assessment of water meters close to real-world conditions
  • Influence of operation conditions on the performance of water meters
  • Deployment of cavitation nozzles in flow rate measurements of liquids
  • Ensuring measurement correctness of the measurement of fuel consumption
  • Measurement of small flow rates of water and other liquids

Recent research projects:

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