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Liquid Flow

Department 1.5


The department “Liquid Flow“ is strongly marked by metrological services. A major focus lies on type approval and conformity assessment tasks. Part of the department’s responsibilities concerns the realization and dissemination of the unit flow rate of flowing liquids and the unit volume of liquids.

Research focuses on the improvement and further development of primary standards as well as on ensuring an appropriate dissemination of the units up to the end user of the respective measuring instruments. These activities are performed in cooperation with national and international partners and are associated with corresponding technology transfer.

The extensive expertise of  the department’s staff is put to use in national and international working groups and standardization bodies, e. g. to derive requirements for fluid metrology which are in compliance with the state of the art of science and technology or to make recommendations. PTB is acting without own interests – as a government institution it is independent and impartial.

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