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Power to Gas

Lectures and presentations
The lectures and presentations are currently only available to the seminar participants.
If you are interested, please contact the authors directly.

  • Annegret-Cl. Agricola (dena)
    Power to gas: System solution for the energy transition

  • Michael Sterner (OTH Regensburg)
    Prospects of Power to Gas – Technologies, costs, markets

  • Gerald Linke (E.ON Technologies)
    Feeding hydrogen into the gas grid from the viewpoint of the gas utilities

  • Gert Müller-Syring (DBI-GUT)
    Hydrogen tolerance of the gas infrastructure – Development of a European position

  • Andreas Kleine (BMWi)
    Role of P2G from the viewpoint of the BMWi

  • Kay Golze (MESY Projektgesellschaft)
    Markets and technology: Scenarios for the future of hydrogen markets

  • Thomas Schendler (BAM)
    Presentation of BAM's expertise

  • Klaus-Dieter Sommer (PTB)
    Presentation of PTB's expertise

Impulse presentations

  • Tobias Bolzau (Bundesnetzagentur)
    Power to Gas – Legal basis, support, implementation problems

  • Rainer Kramer (PTB)
    Behaviour of gas meters at high H2 concentrations

  • Alexander Kronimus (Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.)
    Power to Gas and the substantial use of natural gas

  • Georg W. Mair (BAM)
    Insight into the CNG storage tanks of vehicles

  • Raoul Neuhaus (Evonik Industries AG)
    Chemical and substantial use of H2

  • Heino Polzin (LME Berlin-Brandenburg)
    Power to Gas – Topical questions concerning the feeding of hydrogen from a legal viewpoint

  • Stefanie Thiele, Tobias Wiegleb (Ontras Gastransport GmbH)
    Power to Gas – The question of location

  • Ernst-August Wehrmann, Abdelhamid Bentaleb (TU Clausthal)
    Development and metrological validation of measured values and reconstruction systems for gas supply (MetroGas) (MetroGas)