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The members of EUREGA have established traceability-chains on a national level, in which units of volume of flowing gases are realized at various conditions (pressures) which are all traceable to relevant SI units. Based on the national reference values the traceability-chains with corresponding uncertainties of measurement were made available to calibration facilities. Within the existing cooperation on establishing unified (harmonized) reference values for the dissemination of the unit of volume for high-pressure natural gas which was started in the year 1999 the parties involved made good progress in ensuring the metrological basis for the statutory measurements of high-pressure natural gas.
With this Memorandum of Understanding the members of the EUREGA Consortium will now strengthen their cooperative activities. Also inviting other National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes to participate, they intend to provide the prerequisites necessary to realize and to disseminate the unit of volume of high-pressure gaseous fuel (here gaseous fuel at absolute pressures at, or higher than, 0.5 MPa in a uniform way with the smallest possible uncertainty of measurement. The objective will be to amalgamate the traceability-chains which differ from each other with respect to applied techniques of realization and organization at discrete pressures. The unified (harmonized) reference values shall subsequently be used in high-pressure test and certification laboratories of the participating countries.

Scope of the Memorandum of Understanding

  1. The members of the EUREGA Consortium agree to collaborate for the realization of EUropean REference for GAs metering.
  2. The purpose of the EUREGA Consortium is to broadly encompass any activity directly or indirectly related to the precise measurement of gas quantities. The main objective is the establishment of unified (harmonised) reference values for Volume of gaseous fuels, which can facilitate the provision of accurate and reliable consumer information and be used as a basis for fair and reliable trading standards.
  3. Consequently and depending on the available resources, the objective can extend to activities to support the promotion of scientific and technical research in field of and related to the precise measurement of gas quantities as well as the sharing of the results so obtained; to support and supply training in said field as well as to support such activities which contribute to the prices measurement of gas quantities in general.
  4. The EUREGA affairs will be coordinated and administered by the EUREGA Team of Experts which will be hosted by one of the members, moving to another member on a regular basis and upon decision of the Assembly of Representatives.

Relationship with CIPM-MRA1
The members endeavour to improve the economic impact of the CIPM-MRA by means of unified (harmonised) reference values. Their technical activities for determination of the unified (harmonised) reference values follow the philosophy and principles of the CIPM-MRA and shall be understood as Supplementary Comparisons with the specific intention to establish the harmonised reference values for the members of this EUREGA Consortium.

1Mutual Recognition Arrangement for national measurement standards and for calibration and measurement certificates issued by NMIs, drawn up by the Comité international de poids et mésures (CIPM-MRA)