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Gas Flow

Department 1.4


The department of Gas Flow has metrological competence in velocity, quantity and flow measurement as well as in the measurement of thermal energy and caloric quantities of gases. Based on the law of units and time, the following tasks belong to the department:


  • Provision of national standard measuring equipment and standard measuring instruments for the realization and dissemination of units

  • Development of new measuring methods and of standard measuring instruments

  • Carrying out conformity assessments within the framework of legal metrology

  • Testing and calibration of measuring instruments and standard measuring devices

  • Collaboration in the development and design of rules and regulations in national and international committees

  • Assessment activities especially for the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS)

  • Consulting activities for the BMWi, for federal and state authorities, testing and calibration bodies as well as for instrument manufacturers and instrument users

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