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Department 1.3


The department „Velocity“ is predominantly a metrological service provider – in fact, because of numerous legally mandated tasks its portfolio has the highest percentage of metrological services of all departments within PTB.

The main focus lies on type approval and conformity assessment tasks that cover a broad spectrum of devices: from powder-actuated tools via taximeters to speed cameras for the enforcement of traffic rules. The calibration of sensors for dynamic pressure, in particular pressure spikes, constitutes a smaller element within the department’s portfolio.

Research is currently concentrated on measurement systems for traffic enforcement that make use of the signals from satellite navigation systems. In this innovative field PTB is also chairing the development of the required normative context. Another current project is the development and improvement of the calibration apparatus for dynamic pressure sensors. The research and development work is performed in cooperation and coordination with national and international partners.

Each year, several hundred official requests for statements by PTB on metrological matters are submitted by courts of law as well as police and other public authorities at the federal, state, and local level. This is proof of the high esteem in which PTB is held for its long-standing experience and expertise, particularly so because PTB is acting without own interests – as a government institution it is independent and impartial. Some examples of such statements, as far as they concern measurement instruments for traffic enforcement, can be found (in German only) Opens internal link in current windowon this page.

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