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Scientific papers

Lin, Shan; Hutzschenreuter, Daniel; Loewe, Jan Henry; Härtig, Frank; Müller, Bernd; Heindorf, Lukas
Traceability for computationally-intensive metrology - Test for communication interfaces used for the exchange of metrological data (Version 1.0)

Hutzschenreuter, Daniel; Härtig, Frank; Heeren, Wiebke; Wiedenhöfer, Thomas; Hackel, Siegfried; Scheibner, Alexander; Forbes, Alistair; Brown, Clifford; Smith, Ian; Rhodes, Susan; Linkeová, Ivana; Sýkora, Jakub; Zelený, Vít; Ačko, Bojan; Klobučar, Rok; Nikander, Pekka; Elo, Tommi; Mustapää, Tuukka; Kuosmanen, Petri; Maennel, Olaf; Hovhannisyan, Kristine; Müller, Bernd; Heindorf, Lukas; Paciello, Vincenzo
SmartCom Digital System of Units (D-SI) - Guide for the use of the metadata-format used in metrology for the easy-to-use, safe, harmonised and unambiguous digital transfer of metrological data. (Version D-SI 1.3)

Nikander, Pekka; Elo, Tommi; Mustapää, Tuuka; Kuosmanen, Petri; Hovhannisyan, Kristine; Maennel, Olaf; Brown, Clifford; Dawkins, John; Rhodes, Susan; Smith, Ian; Hutzschenreuter, Daniel; Weber, Henrike; Heeren, Wiebke; Schönhals, Shanna; Wiedenhöfer, Thomas
Document specifying rules for the secure use of DCC covering legal aspects of metrology. (Version 1.0)2020

Hutzschenreuter, Daniel; Weber, Henrike; Schönhals, Shanna; Lin, Shan; Härtig, Frank; Acko, Bojan
Fundamental physical constants ready for machine communication in a digitalized world
2020 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 and IoT, Virtual Conference, 03-05, June, 2020