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- g-Extractor
- WELMEC Gravity zones

Many applications in mechanics are subjected directly or indirectly to the influence of the exterior gravity field of the earth. In some of these procedures the gravity force serves as the basic quantity, whereas in others a correction due to the gravity effect has to be applied. As a prerequisite therefor the local gravity field parameters have to be known within the scope of the required uncertainty.
The derivation of local gravity field information from the geological structure of the earth is limited due to the heterogeneous distribution of the interior masses and the topography. The ellipsoidal model of the Normal Gravity Field (animation, green) enables the global computation of the acceleration due to gravity within a medium uncertainty (g-Extractor). Higher requirements are presently attainable by laborious gravity measurements only.

Within the project "Gravimetry" numerical procedures were developed based upon geodetic gravity field models and free available gravity data in view of the accessibility of local gravity field information for an extended user circle from physics and industry.