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Mechanics and Acoustics

Division 1

Weight, force, velocity, loudness -€“ the mechanical and acoustic quantities are cared for by Division 1. Apart from basic research, testing within the scope of legal metrology is a main task.


The Division carries out basic research in the field of mechanical and acoustical measurands. On the basis of the Units and Time Act, standards and standard measuring devices are developed with the aid of which the measurement scales for all relevant mechanical and acoustical measurands such as mass, force, torque, acceleration, flowrate of gases and liquids, sound and ultrasound pressure can be realized with maximum accuracy and disseminated, predominantly to DAkkS laboratories. The tasks of the Division also comprise type examinations and certifications of measuring instruments on the basis of national regulations - such as the Verification Act and the Verification Ordinance - of European Measuring Instruments Directives as well as international recommendations of the OIML. In addition, employees of the Division provide advice in all matters of relevant metrology, assess DAkkS and other calibration and test laboratories and cooperate in the respective national and international committees.

1 Abteilungsbericht aus dem Jahresbericht 2021

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The determination of the effective size of hydrophones is important for their calibration and application. The respective standard, which was revised with PTB participation, contains several innovations that were implemented promptly at the existing measuring station. The characterisation can now be carried out very efficiently for frequencies from 1 MHz to 50 MHz [1] and thus supports the...

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For the measurement of infrasound, a reliable infrastructure for the traceability of measuring instruments and sensors has been lacking up to now. As an important development step, a new type of primary measuring calibration device for infrasound has now been set up in Department 1.6 Sound, which uses the decrease in ambient air pressure with altitude as an excitation signal.

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