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The Expedition Blog

Metrologists from PTB don’t just do research, they are blogging for a global audience now too. And Rieke Schäfer, who is 26 years young, is getting the ball rolling. She is a doctoral student at PTB and at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. For two months, she’ll be swapping her laboratory workstation at PTB for the German research vessel Sonne (which is the German for “sun”), where she’ll soon be finding her sea legs. The sun is one thing that won’t be in short supply – it is bound to shine for much of the voyage. And she’s expecting lots of rain showers too, along with a shipload of experiences that she’ll never forget. This voyage will take her thousands of kilometers along the equator from Ecuador, with the final port of call being in Australia. And anyone who wants to follow her journey can do so by following this blog. You will also find out about her expedition on our LinkedIn channel.

One of the last sunsets (Picture: Rieke Schäfer)
A CTD (Picture: Rieke Schäfer)
Messungen an Bord (Foto: Rieke Schäfer)
My carry-on luggage (Picture: Rieke Schäfer)
Selfmade beakers (Picture: Rieke Schäfer)