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Title: Investigations into the Intrinsic Safety of field bus systems Engische Übersetzung von W-53
Author(s): U. Johannsmeyer
Year: 1994
Document number: PTB-W-53(e)
Pages: 70 , 20 Abbildungen, 11 Tabellen
Custom: DM 27,00
ISBN: ISBN 3-89429-512-0
Keywords: PTB-W-
Abstract: Investigations during a research project sponsored by renowned measuring and control companies an explosion protection concept was developed using the profitable and economical type of protection "Intrinsic Safety" based on the "Physical Layer" standard IEC 1158-2. The good results obtained with respect to the maximum number of devices connected to the field bus and to the maximum length of the bus cable are based on a developed network concept called FISCO (Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept).

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