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Title: Guide to mass determination with high accuracy
Author(s): R. Schwartz, M. Borys and F. Scholz
Editor: Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Report type: PTB-Report
Year: 2007
Document number: PTB-MA-80e
Pages: 72
ISBN: ISBN 3-86509-669-2 ; ISSN 0179-0595 ; ISBN 978-3-86509-669-2
Abstract: This Guide is based on PTB Report MA-40 “Guide to Mass Determination with High Accuracy” published in 1995. Due to numerous inquiries, and because MA-40 was out of print since 2001, it has now been updated and completely revised. In addition, a German translation of the updated and revised version is available since October 2006 (PTB-Bericht MA-80 „Leitfaden für Massebestimmungen hoher Genauigkeit”). For updating, the following has been taken into account: the developments of the past ten years in the field of mass comparators and prototype balances, the revision of OIML R 111 “Weights of Classes E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M1-2, M2, M2-3 and M3” (2004), the changes in the CIPM air density formula as well as the developments in the field of measurement uncertainty and the experience made with the application of the “Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement” (GUM). The paragraphs dealing with influences by magnetic fields have been essentially revised and are now treated in a separate section. In this section, new findings and methods of measurement for the consideration of magnetic properties of mass standards and weights (magnetisation and susceptibility) are dealt with. The examples regarding air density determination, mass determination with uncertainty calculation and realisation of a mass scale with adjustment calculus could be adopted almost without changes.
Note: Guide to mass determination with high accuracy ; (PTB-Bericht PTB-MA-80e)

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