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Title: The measurement of dynamic friction characteristics of computer tapes with regard to the relevant surface roughness
Author(s): L. Guo, W. Hillmann and H. Schroeder
Year: 1992
Document number: PTB-AK-23
Pages: 36 , 9 Abbildungen
Custom: DM 14,50
Keywords: PTB-AK-
Abstract: Requirements for the dynamic frictional characteristics will be added to the new edition of the ISO Standard 1864, which defines the properties of unrecorded 12,7 mm wide magnetic tapes for information interchange. The proposed measuring method was experimentally tested and theoretically investigated. Results were obtained for the dynamic frictional characteristics for the oxide coating on the tape to brass and chrome, oxide coating to back surface of the tape and back surface to stainless steel and rubber. There are problems in the measurement of the surface roughness of the cylinders to be used for this test method.

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