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Rapid rotary table calibration

PTBnews 2.2023
Especially interesting for

gear manufacturers

rotary table manufacturers

calibration laboratories

use on machine tools with rotary tables

Novel ball plate equipped with 12 non-equidistantly positioned balls for measuring the deviations of the rotary table in 5 steps

Rotary tables are often used for positioning or angle measurements when measuring rotationally symmetric work pieces on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Geometric deviations of rotary tables can be directly measured on a CMM in six degrees of freedom by means of a self-calibrating procedure using a ball plate. PTB has developed a new concept designed to significantly reduce the required number of ball measurements compared to the former method. This method will allow the number of balls on the rotary table as well as the number of measurement positions in the CMM to be reduced. Provided that appropriate ball and measurement positions are chosen, the measurement uncertainty will increase only slightly. (Technology Offer 544)


shorter measuring times

more cost-efficient setup and material use

direct use on the measuring instrument without any additional devices

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