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Stable mirrors for pressure measurements

PTB-News 1.2023

Design drawing of the multi-resonator for high accuracy measurements of gas properties

The refractivity of pure gases can be used to measure pressure values with the highest accuracy, particularly in the range from 1 Pa to 100 kPa. For this purpose, a special Fabry-Perot resonator has been developed at PTB whose mirrors are arranged so as to minimize deformation. The trick in this setup is to load the resonator mirrors with as little strain as possible and with the same pressure on both sides, even if the pressure within the measurement cavity differs considerably from the ambient pressure. In this way, the pressure-induced deformation of the resonator mirrors is suppressed, which leads to a much smaller deformation of the resonators and thus to smaller uncertainties of the potential primary standards for pressure.

(Technology Offer 487)


strain-free mirror positioning

minimized deformation of the mirrors

temperature measurement and control with the highest accuracy

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