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Cryostats for ultra-low magnetic fields

PTBnews 3.2023
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Cryogenic technology

Cyrosensors and quantum magnetism

Cryostats are devices in which defined and spatially limited areas or components are cooled down to a predefined and very low temperature, e.g. below -269 °C (4.2 K). A novel device designed for the variable temperature adjustment of special flow cryostats based on pneumatic motors made of plastic and of other components made of non-magnetic materials can minimize electromagnetic interference fields. This enables direct, high-precision SQUID measurements of weakly magnetic materials that cannot be achieved using conventional optical methods or neutron scattering techniques. The cryostats are inexpensive and easy to manufacture. (Technology Offer 521)


Ultra-low magnetic field measurements

Ultra-low background field

Very low temperature range (1.5 K to 65 K)

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