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Key components for quantum technology

PTBnews 3.2023

A quantum-limited microwave amplifier (Photo: L. Grünhaupt)

In the recently launched project “TruePA” (Truly Resilient Quantum Limited Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifiers), researchers from PTB and seven European partner institutions are jointly developing the next generation of parametric amplifiers, or TWPAs for short. Due to their extremely low noise, they are significant for the detection of weak electromagnetic signals at microwave frequencies of several gigahertz. The EU is providing three million euros in funding for the project which will run for three years. The project’s website: Opens external link in new windowwww.truepa.eu. (Contact: Lukas Grünhaupt, +49 531 592-9453, Opens local program for sending emaillukas.gruenhaupt(at)ptb.de)