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PTBnews 2.2023

PTB is participating in two new large-scale EU projects on artificial intelligence. Both use the abbreviation TEF in their names, which stands for “Testing and Experimentation Facility”. On the one hand, there is the TEF Health project which aims to examine innovative approaches in AI and robotics in healthcare and make them ready for the market more quickly. On the other hand, there is the TEF AI MATTERS project which has the same goal of using AI-based approaches in robotics and sensors, but focuses on their use in production, for example in manufacturing. These projects are a part of the EU’s Digital Europe Programme, and their funding will total 60 million euros. The aim is to make quality standards for interconnected data and AI traceable to quantities which can be measured. This, in turn, will strengthen the trust in AI systems. (Contact for the TEF Health project: Daniel Schwabe, +49 30 3481-7802, Opens local program for sending emaildaniel.schwabe(at)ptb.de; contact for the TEF AI MATTERS project: Harald Bosse, +49 531 592-5010, Opens local program for sending emailharald.bosse(at)ptb.de)