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National emblems for digital calibration certificates

PTBnews 2.2023

In order for the “Made in Germany” label to continue to be a promise of quality in a digital world, the elements of quality infrastructure must also become digital. PTB and the German accreditation body (DAkkS) are working together closely for the introduction of machine- readable calibration certificates (DCCs) with digital national emblems. By doing this, they want to support the German industry in its digital transformation, and they are striving to develop Europe-wide and worldwide uniform standards. This project is a part of the joint QI Digital Initiative, in which PTB and DAkkS — together with BAM, DIN and DKE — are working toward viable solutions. (Contact for DCC: Shanna Schönhals, +49531 592-1240, Opens local program for sending emailshanna.schoenhals(at)ptb.de; contact for QI Digital: Jens Niederhausen, +49 30 3481-9414, Opens local program for sending emailjens.niederhausesn(at)ptb.de)