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Microparticles characterized optically

PTBnews 2.2019
Especially interesting for

medical laboratories

manufacturers in the field of environmental analysis

manufacturers and operators of bioreactors

Until recently, size distributions and the wavelength-dependent refractive index of microparticles could only be determined with great effort. PTB has now developed a new procedure that simplifies such measurements. The spectral extinction cross section is derived from the transmission spectrum of particles in suspensions, emulsions or aerosols and is then analyzed by means of a mathematical procedure. Based on a single transmission measurement carried out on solid or liquid microparticles, the new procedure allows the simultaneous determination of the size distribution, the concentration and the spectral refractive index of the particles. It allows the chemical composition to be analyzed. (Technology Offer 474).


simultaneous determination of size distribution, spectral refractive index and concentration of microparticles

short measuring and analyzing times allow real-time measurement and process control

determination of complex refractive indices with high accuracy

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