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Multilayer ion traps

PTBnews 2.2019
Especially interesting for

quantum information processing

the semiconductor industry

Multilayer ion traps with thick-film dielectric medium (gray area). On the surface, the ions are kept in the inhomogeneous electric field of the trap structure.

Microstructured ion traps are the technological basis for a future quantum computer based on single ions as qubits. In such ion traps, ions are trapped by means of inhomogeneous electric fields above the surface. Several procedures developed by PTB for manufacturing multilayer thick-film structures with interconnects fulfill the stringent requirements set by the application. These procedures allow the production of a wide range of microstructures with the most diverse shapes and functions for different scopes of application. The process is also perfectly suited for producing atom traps for neutral atoms to be used in quantum sensors and for the investigation of Bose-Einstein condensates. (Technology Offer 460).


scalable setup for versatile applications

suitable for both atoms or molecules, charged or neutral

suitable for UHV

temperature range from 4 K to more than 520 K

multilayer structure for interconnects

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