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Piconewton transfer standard

PTBnews 2.2019
Especially interesting for

manufacturers of scanning force microscopes

medical engineering

materials research

Piconewton transfer standard with the reference surface (1) and the contact body (2) that is moved by means of a comb drive (3).

Scanning force microscopes are used not only to measure nanostructures and fine roughness, but also as force sensors in pharmacy and in materials research. To measure force precisely, it is important to determine the bending stiffness of the cantilever with great accuracy. Until recently, suitable measurement procedures did not exist. PTB᾽s new transfer standard calibrates the smallest of forces for use in force spectroscopy. It consists of a reference surface with a defined gap under which a MEMS force sensor with a flat contact surface is located. (Technology Offer 459)


dynamic on-site cantilever force measurement

fully passive calibration also possible

can be integrated into commercially available scanning force microscopes

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