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Successful excellence initiative

PTBnews 1.2019

“QuantumFrontiers” is a joint project of Leibniz University Hannover and TU Braunschweig that is realized in close collaboration with PTB. This project will become an excellence cluster and will thus receive several million euros of support within the scope of the excellence strategy of the Federal Republic of Germany and of the German federal states. This excellence strategy aims to promote top-level research at German universities and to strengthen Germany's position as an internationally competitive scientific location. QuantumFrontiers deals with new measurement technologies at the nanometer level. At this small scale, physical fundamental units such as mass, length and time are expected to become more accurate. For this purpose, quantum mechanical effects are exploited to improve measurement accuracies. Experts from the most varied fields of physics, astronomy, geodesy and geoinformatics, semiconductor research, circuits and integrated systems are working together to attain this goal.

Contact: Piet O. Schmidt, QUEST Institute at PTB,
phone: +49 531 592-4700,
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