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Efficient Brillouin fiber amplifier

PTBnews 3.2018
Especially interesting for

precise optical frequency transmission, e.g. for long-distance comparison of optical clocks

Bidirectional amplifiers are necessary for the transmission of ultra-stable optical frequencies over long-distance optical fiber links in order to compensate for the optical loss of approximately 20 dB per 100 kilometers. Brillouin fiber amplifiers developed at PTB support such bidirectional operation with a gain of up to 45 dB and have been successfully installed in the international optical fiber link between Braunschweig and Paris. These amplifiers have now been outfitted with a new, more efficient optical module that optimizes the input coupling of the pump laser while minimizing signal losses within the setup. By means of an additional monitor port, the polarization between the signal and the pump laser can now be precisely adjusted and permanently monitored. (Technology Offer 466)


simple and accurate detection of the correct polarization alignment of the signal

robust and automatable polarization control

improved signal-to-noise ratio for cascaded amplifier systems

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