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New research building

PTB-News 1.2018

First groundbreaking for a highly specialized research building: the new Walther Meißner building will provide laboratory space as well as measuring and clean rooms to measure temperature with the greatest possible accuracy and for research activities relating to all aspects of superconductor sensors. The new building was designed by architects from Rohdecan in Dresden who came out as the winners of the competition organized by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBR). The new Walther Meißner building will give fresh impetus to two research fields, namely the development and manufacturing of SQUIDs based on supraconductor thinfilm technology – a field in which PTB is the world leader – and the application of the best cryostat systems in thermometry, allowing PTB to calibrate thermometers for industry over a very wide temperature range with all related services coming from one provider. Contact (for both the Willy Wien Laboratory and the new research building): Frank Melchert, +49 (0)30 3481-7446, frank. melchert(at)ptb.de