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Calibration method for network analyzers

PTB-News 1.2018
Especially interesting for

manufacturers of network analyzers with more than two ports

manufacturers of high-frequency measuring instruments

Example of a calibration standard of PTB in a star circuit

Network analyzers with more than two ports must be calibrated daily for use in electronics, communication engineering and high-frequency technology. This calibration can currently be very time consuming. A new calibration method from PTB mitigates this situation. Here, novel multiport star circuit standards are characterized using a PTB reference calibration (see figure). The network analyzer is calibrated by means of such a calibrated standard applying the least-squares method. (Technology Offer 0456) 


little calibration effort

low measurement uncertainty

more robust in practice than con ventional proceduresough

Contact person for questions about technology transfer

Andreas Barthel, Phone: +49 531 592-8307, andreas.barthel(at)ptb.de, Opens external link in new windowwww.technologietransfer.ptb.de/en