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CT measurements with enhanced accuracy

PTB-News 3.2018
Especially interesting for

manufacturers and operators of industrial computed tomography systems

Geometrische Abweichungen bei der Kegelstrahlgeometrie. Die Bilder entstehen in unterschiedlichen Tiefen in der Szintillatorschicht des Detektors. In Rot ist der Strahlengang ohne Filter und umgebendes Material zu sehen in Blau mit Filter und umgebendem Material. Der Effekt ist abhängig vom Röntgenspektrum in Kombination mit Probenmaterial und Abstand a.

Until recently, length measurements performed by means of industrial X-ray computed tomography (CT) based on cone beam geometry (without additional tactile reference measurements) exhibited relative measurement uncertainties of approx. 1 · 10-4. A procedure developed at PTB allows this uncertainty to be improved by a factor of at least 10. This new development relies on a pixel-resolved distance correction between the X-ray source and the flat-panel detector. Moreover, with this procedure, there is less need for pre-filtering of the X-ray radiation, thus increasing intensity and allowing shorter measuring times. This also reduces measurement uncertainties that may occur during the irradiation of a specimen due to drifting. (Technology Offer 455)


reduces measurement uncertainty without additional reference measurements

increases cost efficiency of CT systems due to reduced measuring times

can be integrated into existing CT facilities – e.g. as a software update

Contact person for questions about technology transfer

Andreas Barthel,
Phone: (0531) 592-8307,
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