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Pulsation-free fluid flow

PTB-News 2.2018
Especially interesting for

the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

flow rate test rigs in testing and calibration laboratories

Two pistons generate a constant volume rate by alternately pushing the fluid out of the respective cylinder.

Flow rate measuring technology requires exact fluid delivery for testing and calibration rigs. These systems should be able to continuously deliver constant volume flow rates. PTB has developed a new device consisting of two synchronized piston systems which can generate a constant and pulsation-free fluid flow. In addition, the flow rate can be varied quickly. Optical positioning provides exact knowledge of the flow rate at any time. Furthermore, the required operating pressure can be achieved without control valves. This requires less assembly space and thus saves costs and space. (Technology Offer 0470)


exact flow rate known at any time

continuous flow rate that can be varied quickly

reduced assembly space and thus cost-effective

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