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Force lever system

PTB-News 2.2018
Especially interesting for

operators of torque measuring facilities

operators of nacelle test stands

Flange with support to accommodate force sensors. Background: typical nacelle test stand. PTB's new force lever system can be mounted here.

The traceable measurement of torques of more than 2 MN ∙ m is of paramount importance in areas such as wind energy. An invention developed at PTB enables traceability by segmenting the torque into several force signals that are measured over a defined lever length. In addition, the torque sensor can decouple most of the mechanical disturbing components. The measurement uncertainty amounts to a maximum of 1 %. (Technology Offer 0470)


decoupled design to prevent disturbances due to shearing forces or bending moments

Improved measurement uncertainty of max. 1 %

traceable measuring chain

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