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Measuring gripping force

PTB-News 2.2018
Especially interesting for

medical research for cell diagnostics and cell manipulation

keyhole surgery, in vitro fertilization

Segmented gripper jaw with markers (red) to measure the gripping force

The handling and exact controlling of microgrippers requires high precision. The measuring devices used to date are characterized by great manufacturing effort and only allow a limited selection of materials to be used. PTB's concept simplifies the measurement of the gripping force: the grippers are segmented and interconnected by means of spring elements to reduce their stiffness. Markers are applied to both segments; they are then optically recorded by a camera. This allows the gripping force to be measured accurately without applying strain gauges or microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). (Technology Offer 0436)


gripping force measurable without strain gauges or MEMS

optical image assessment

low manufacturing effort

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