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Improved orientation of wafers

PTB-News 1.2018
Especially interesting for

manufacturers of microchips

manufacturers of micromechanicalcomponents

The figure shows rotationally symmetric grooves with a continuous color gradient on a wafer.

For the exact processing of silicon wafers, it is necessary to identify the orientation of the crystal within the silicon wafer. An invention by PTB has improved the determination of the crystal orientation in <110>-wafers by additionally detecting incident light on special structures (see figure). These test structures are positioned on the surface and have enabled an automated determination process for the first time . This allows the crystalorientation to be determined with exceptional accuracy, so that the wafers can be oriented more precisely for the machine tools used. Moreover, this method can easily be integrated into existing facilities. (Technology Offer 0436)


allows the crystal orientation to be determined with excellent accuracy

determination of the crystal orientation can be automated

easy to integrate

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Andreas Barthel, Phone: +49 531 592-8307, andreas.barthel(at)ptb.de, Opens external link in new windowwww.technologietransfer.ptb.de/en