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Application-oriented quantum technology

PTB-News 3.2017

As the first of three pilot projects within the national initiative “Quantum technology – basics and applications” (QUTEGA), which was created by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the joint project “Optical single ion clocks for users” (optIclock) was started on 1 May. Under the special guidance of TOPTICA Photonics AG and PTB, it is intended to realize a demonstrator for optical single ion clocks within three years. The clock should go well beyond being a solution in the lab and therefore be attractive for different applications. Further information: QUTEGA concept paper: www. qutega.de

Diese Uhr soll weit über eine Laborlösung hinausgehen und damit attraktiv für unterschiedliche Anwendungen sein. Weitere Informationen: QUTEGA-Konzeptpapier: Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.qutega.de