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PTB-News 3.2017

The German Council of Science and Humanities has evaluated PTB and awarded it an excellent rating. The results go above and beyond the previous outstanding rating from the first evaluation in 2008. In the report which was published on 2 May, the Council praised PTB's performance of legal core tasks, research activities and services as well as strategy and planning processes that are necessary for the two aspects. The report can be reviewed as a pdf at: t1p.de/gfsv

Joachim Ullrich
The PTB President was awarded with the Federal Cross of Merit, Class 1. Thereby, the Federal Republic of Germany honored Ullrich's substantial activities as a world renowned researcher and scientific manager. Braunschweig's Mayor Ulrich Markuth presented the award at a ceremony in the city's Old Town Hall..

Roman Schwartz
PTB's Vice President (left in the photo) was named honorary professor of the Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH). By awarding the honorary title, the university recognizes the internationally renowned physicist's long-term commitment to teaching “Introduction to metrology – measuring mechanical quantities” at the LUH's Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Manfred Kochsiek
The former PTB Vice President (left in the photo) received the great Mendeleyev Medal for 50 years of excellent work in teaching, research and international cooperation. The Russian Academy of Metrology has only awarded this distinction four times and presented it during a ceremony at the VNIIM Mendeleyev Institute’s 175th anniversary celebration in St. Petersburg.

Harald Bosse
The Head of Division 5, “Precision Engineering”, was named President of euspen (European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology).

Andreas Steiger, Ralf Müller
In cooperation with the company SLT Sensor- und Lasertechnik GmbH in Wildau, Andreas Steiger (Department 7.3) und Ralf Müller (formerly Department 7.3) received the special “Junges Unternehmen” award from the AMA Verband für Sensorik und Messtechnik e.V. The team developed detectors for the absolute radiant power measurement in the terahertz spectral range.