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Information about the new SI

PTB-News 2.2017

The International System of Units (SI) is being fundamentally reformed. In the fall of 2018, a large international conference is going to set the historical course for the future of the SI. The new SI will be based on fundamental constants instead of the seven base units as previously. PTB has accompanied this process by means of various large-scale research projects – among others the Avogadro project for the redefinition of the kilogram and of the mole, and the Boltzmann project for the redefinition of the kelvin. Moreover, PTB has played an important role by providing information on these reforms. PTB has recently published an info sheet about the new SI (in German and in English); you are welcome to order one free of charge from the Press and Information Office or to download it from our website. (www.Opens internal link in current windowptb.de > Opens internal link in current windowPress & What's new > Opens internal link in current windowBrochures > Initiates file downloadBrochures on the new International System of Units). The website also contains an extra section about the new SI (www.ptb. de > Research & Development > Research on the new SI) with plenty of information about the SI experiments carried out at PTB, scientific papers, articles from journals, news, videos and photos to be downloaded. If you wish to order a hard copy of the info sheet, please contact Cornelia Land (+49 (0)531 592 9313, Opens window for sending emailcornelia.land(at)ptb.de)