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PTB-News 2.2017

For decades, PTB has been carrying out type approval tests for new speed cameras, traffic light cameras and other measuring instruments used in road traffic before they may be put into operation.

This ensures, for instance, that no one is suspected of speeding for no good reason due to a wrong measurement. On account of its expertise and neutrality, courts often request PTB's expert opinion in cases where, for example, persons caught speeding dispute the speed indication under the pretext that the measuring instrument used was technically inadequate. To help cope with the flood of several hundreds of enquiries per year, PTB has now set up a special website compiling frequently asked questions: www.ptb.de/geschwindigkeit_ stellungnahmen. Hundreds of visitors per month demonstrate how successful this measure has been; moreover, the documents provided there have recently been deemed “Expertise from a competent authority” which may be read out in court cases relating to traffic offenses instead of citing a PTB employee before the court for the trial (decision No. 2 Ss-OWi 589/16 of the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Frankfurt dated 26 August 2016). (Robert Wynands, phone: +49 (0)531 592 1300, Opens window for sending emailrobert.wynands(at)ptb.de)