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Bending-neutral loading plate

PTB-News 2.2017
Especially interesting for

manufacturers of force transducers

Bending-neutral loading plate for build-up systems

To measure medium-sized forces (of approx. 10 kN) up to very high forces (higher than 10 MN), several calibrated force transducers can be connected to obtain a build-up measuring system. Due to increasing requirements, especially in the field of very large force transducers up to 50 MN, reducing the measurement uncertainty of these systems is gaining more and more importance. Due to its special geometry with a bending-neutral loading plate, PTB's new development can dispense with sophisticated compensation mechanisms. Despite deformations at the relevant contact points with the force measuring instrument, deformation angles inducing cross forces to the individual force transducers do not occur. (Technology Offer 0418)



no parasitic loads

saves material

no additional loading fittings for compression

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