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PTB-News 3.2016

Harry Stolz Harry Stolz
the Managing Director of PTB’s Conformity Assessment Body, was elected the new chairman of NoBoMet on 20 April 2016. NoBoMet (Notified Bodies in Metrology) is the European coordination group of notified bodies for the European Directives for Measuring Instruments (2014/32/EU) and for non-automatic weighing instruments (2014/31/EU).

Wolf Fabian Fabian Wolf
a staff member of the QUEST Institute at PTB, received a Student Poster Award at EFTF 2016 for his work called “Quantum logic state detection for molecular ions”.

Mark Bieler Marc Bieler
a staff member of Department 2.5 (Semiconductor Physics and Magnetism), received an Outstanding Paper Award from the journal Measurement Science and Technology for his article titled “Asynchronous electro-optic sampling of all-electronically generated ultrashort voltage pulses”.

Ralf Behr, Oliver Kieler, Jinni Lee, Stephan Bauer, Luis Palafox und Johannes Kohlmann
staff members of Department 2, had their joint work, titled “Direct comparison of a 1 V Josephson arbitrary waveform synthesizer and an ac quantum voltmeter”, selected as one of the “Highlights of 2015” by the journal Metrologia