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Enhanced laser Doppler anemometry

PTB-News 2.2016
Especially interesting for

manufacturers of laser Doppler anemometers

power plant operators

Eine neue PTB-Erfindung erhöht die Präzision von Volumenstrombestimmungen mittels Laser-Doppler-Anemometrie (LDA).

Schematic representation of the procedure used to calibrate the laser beams

To measure volume flow accurately by means of laser Doppler anemometry (LDA) (e.g. in CHP plants), the velocity profile must be determined inside the piping. For this purpose, the fluid velocities are calibrated at several measurement positions inside the pipe. The velocity information obtained is traceable to the interference fringe interval of a velocity measurement standard. Thanks to a new invention by PTB, the measurement uncertainty of the position determination has been considerably reduced, since now, even information on the geometry and on the refraction index of the optical access are measured directly on site. (Technology Offer 0411)


LDA with greater accuracy

optimized ray-tracing

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