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Zero-topography resolution standards

PTB-News 2.2016
Especially interesting for

manufacturers of X-ray photoelectron spectrometers

chemical analysis

PTB stellt Prüfkörper für die Kalibrierung von Materialanalysegeräten her.

Artifact with zero-topography material contrast (aluminum and chromium)

To determine the chemical nature of surfaces, different analytical procedures are used which allow element-specific statements to be made. In order to calibrate their lateral resolution, appropriate twodimensional artifacts are required which are made of adapted 2D structures composed of several materials that are specially defined for applications in measurements. For this purpose, PTB has developed a novel fabrication procedure which allows these zero-topography artifacts to be manufactured in several steps. (Technology Offer 0385)


Calibration of the lateral resolution in chemical analytical methods

optimized investigation of material properties

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