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Force measuring machine for tensile and compressive forces

PTB News 1.2016
Especially interesting for
  • manufacturers of force measuring devices

A new diversion device developed at PTB enables novel and faster calibrations.

Force measuring machines measure either tensile or compressive forces; they have to be converted when switching between these two operating modes. A new diversion device developed by PTB makes it possible to avoid these conversion times. As a result, novel and faster calibrations are possible, even over the full range of tensile and compressive forces with zero crossing. An additional advantage is that only one air-conditioned testing chamber is required for both tensile and compressive measurements. The diversion principle can be used for force measuring machines with a direct deadweight effect, with a lever transmission or a hydraulic transmission, with reference transducers and with other principles, but can also be used for material testing machines.
(Technology Offer 0349) 

  • measurement of tensile and compressive forces in one set-up
  • no conversion necessary
  • measurement scenarios with zero crossing


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